When Robert Frost was asked to explain one of his poems he replied, "Do you want me to say it worse?" Let the photographs speak to you first, then read this bio.

I have been a photographer since 1968 and continue to be enthralled by its magic and mystery. Robert Adams said, "Not all (photographers) make their living from photography, but all are made alive by it."

If you are interested in the eye / mind / heart interaction that underlies my photographic work, call me. I'm available for portrait, commercial, wedding, and travel assignments. You can also purchase prints of my more personal work.



"the elements of architecture
are light and shade,
walls and space."

- Le Courbusier


"Conversation is the enemy of good wine and food."
- Alfred Hitchcock


Your wedding is unique and so should be your wedding photographs. My motto is "Courtesy, Creativity, and Service" to reflect the three most important aspects of my work:

...how I conduct myself in the presence of your family and friends

...the way i "See" and record the events of your wedding celebration

...the quality, value, and timely delivery of your album and prints


Every happening, great and small...is a parable whereby God speaks to us; and the art of life is to get the message."
- Malcolm Muggeridge.


"time to sing
time for dance
living out my second chance
...that's the way it happens
on the far side of the world."

- Jimmy Buffett

Martha's Vineyard

"the island was my 100 square mile studio for 18 years."


Robert Schellhammer

Phone: (508) 693-8721